1. brocode

    Black Pill Does Just Be Med Theory mark the end of The Whitepill?

    Is it gg for the Whitepill now that the Medpill has taken over?
  2. D

    Black Pill Your personal blackpill experiences - let's share

    This is a thread to share your personal experiences that validate the blackpill world view, either successes or rejections are welcome. I will share a few of mine below. The first one is a story that happened recently. I had posted this a few days ago on r/short, just for a moderator to remove...
  3. brocode

    Black Pill Which field/area of aesthetics/self-improvement/LMS are you an expert in?

    I have quite some knowledge about > Eye area. I'm insanely judgmental of eye area and eyes. > Skull size and shape. Too many threads on it already > BF% and Body Aesthetics. I would call myself an expert in judging and helping in improving these areas. what would you consider yourself an expert...
  4. brocode

    Black Pill Rank the 3 Holy Pills of Blackpill

    > Dick Pill > Height Pill > Face Pill I rank it as: 1. Dick Pill. 2. Face Pill. 3. Height Pill.
  5. JuicyAnimeTitties

    LOL Horseface lesbian whore says she swipes on 1 in 150 on tinder

    From Quora, home of curry-flavored bluepill: Why don’t I get matches with above average white girls on Tinder? I’m an attractive mixed Asian man. "I swipe left on about 150 to 250 men before i swipe right for ONE. The odds are not in your favour. There are a few hot guys out there. Us gals are...
  6. brocode

    Black Pill Rate this joke

  7. fuuaark


    my stats: - i am 5'3" - skinnyfat (20% VISCERAL bodyfat) - HAPA (half asian, subhuman basically) - I'M A FUCKING FRAMECEL, SKULLCEL, WRISTCEL (MY BIDELTOID IS LITERALLY 16 INCHES, wrists are 4 inches, my hips extend further than shoulders) - my real name is fucking TYLER (MY PARENTS FUCKING...
  8. Sculptor


    I deleted all social media. I deleted all phone pics, videos etc I'm done. These past 3 years I've coped to unprecedented heights. Now i have nothing to remind me of it. It's all a distant memory. My old self perished. my life begins today The end