1. Anstrum

    Black Pill You are just a number

    and a low one at that Insect don't try to be anything else because it is not going to happen you are a tiny cog in this machine, you are basically nothing and no one unity is strength, Might is right, moggers make the rules You are nothing and get mogged by 800m/s tiny piece of...
  2. brocode

    News Google assigned a woman to be in Charge of Stadia's In-House Game Studio. Now in 2021, they're shutting it down. JFL at giving a woman such a huge responsibility and expecting a positive outcome. :banderas: And btw this woman is Jade Raymond, well known for being the founder of Ubisoft Toronto and producing Assassin's...
  3. Anstrum

    Black Pill Woman says how it really is

  4. Anstrum

    Slayer Biggest mediterranean king chad on this forum

    :bean: Dark triad manipulative thicknecked tall wide framed nordwood0 long term strategist harem collector psychopath high testosterone jailbaitslayer mediterranean dark lookz robust gigachad Little is known about this mysterious chad user, but what we know now is confirming that "he is...
  5. Anstrum

    Black Pill High cortisolmaxxing thread

    Your oneitis is getting fucked right now over for you sub 8 maggots and over for you beckies too, you know that you are 501th in line from the "chad will fuck your pussy queue" Time is ticking, tick tock tick tock It is already 2021, yesterday it was 2020 Your looks will fade...
  6. Anstrum

    Black Pill Shoebills are dark triad blackpilled

    Cage if you don't have the same mentality as shoebills Just sinister scheming plansmaxx and manipulatemaxx @9000IQRebornWarlord @thickneckedslayer

    brutal existence

    even as a 2 psl foid i have men throwing themselves at me simply for dressing in skimpy thigh high stockings and leg garters eyeliner makeup they all fall akin to my kitty ear catgirl cosplay my face looks worse than that of syrian refugees who grew up in slums their entire upbringing i grew...
  8. S

    Black Pill It's over for currycels in India!

    Most people think that western countries have the most incels as percent of their population , but India will overtake the west . For these following reasons . 1 ) The end to the practice of arranged marriages in urban India . Arranged marriages are viewed as archaic by many middle class urban...
  9. brocode

    Black Pill Does Just Be Med Theory mark the end of The Whitepill?

    Is it gg for the Whitepill now that the Medpill has taken over?
  10. D

    Black Pill Your personal blackpill experiences - let's share

    This is a thread to share your personal experiences that validate the blackpill world view, either successes or rejections are welcome. I will share a few of mine below. The first one is a story that happened recently. I had posted this a few days ago on r/short, just for a moderator to remove...
  11. brocode

    Black Pill Which field/area of aesthetics/self-improvement/LMS are you an expert in?

    I have quite some knowledge about > Eye area. I'm insanely judgmental of eye area and eyes. > Skull size and shape. Too many threads on it already > BF% and Body Aesthetics. I would call myself an expert in judging and helping in improving these areas. what would you consider yourself an expert...
  12. brocode

    Black Pill Rank the 3 Holy Pills of Blackpill

    > Dick Pill > Height Pill > Face Pill I rank it as: 1. Dick Pill. 2. Face Pill. 3. Height Pill.
  13. J

    LOL Horseface lesbian whore says she swipes on 1 in 150 on tinder

    From Quora, home of curry-flavored bluepill: Why don’t I get matches with above average white girls on Tinder? I’m an attractive mixed Asian man. "I swipe left on about 150 to 250 men before i swipe right for ONE. The odds are not in your favour. There are a few hot guys out there. Us gals are...
  14. brocode

    everytime an Aspie does something "alpha"

  15. brocode

    Black Pill Rate this joke

  16. brocode

    Black Pill Imagine Wasting your life like this to get Validation on Lookism.NET

  17. fuuaark


    my stats: - i am 5'3" - skinnyfat (20% VISCERAL bodyfat) - HAPA (half asian, subhuman basically) - I'M A FUCKING FRAMECEL, SKULLCEL, WRISTCEL (MY BIDELTOID IS LITERALLY 16 INCHES, wrists are 4 inches, my hips extend further than shoulders) - my real name is fucking TYLER (MY PARENTS FUCKING...
  18. Sculptor


    I deleted all social media. I deleted all phone pics, videos etc I'm done. These past 3 years I've coped to unprecedented heights. Now i have nothing to remind me of it. It's all a distant memory. My old self perished. my life begins today The end