black lives matter

  1. InjectCum

    Cumskins need to be constantly put in their place

    filthy reject incels like @mogs_me have unwarranted confidence
  2. InjectCum

    Black men consistently earn less than white men regardless of whether they're raised poor or rich

    Black men are directly affected by institutional racism black men suffer. Black lives matter, thanks, that is all.
  3. Legit Theory

    BBC Slave Trader's statue gets torn down and defiled by BLM protesters (UK)

    This is indeed a great thing
  4. S

    If 100% of what they say about the Jews is real, I fully support the jews

    other than the pedo related accusations.
  5. S

    BBC spam/propoganda is more important than you think

    If BBC spammers were more moderate, black/ethnic people would suffer because of the racists.
  6. S

    Black Queen (MD) explains Floyd autopsy

    some evil users want the murderer to be innocent, SO BADLY. why is this? watch black queen explain Floyd's autopsy
  7. Legit Theory

    News It's absolutely horrible what's happening in the United States right now(Letter)

    I do not post here anymore but I feel I need to make a statement given the influence and position I have on this site So to anyone who doesn't know in the United States, black men killed by the police and them getting away with murder has been happening for a long time. Them not getting...