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    Realizing why i am doomed... My nasal bridge is sunken

    Everyone here has been recommending bimax and some people have suggested fillers or implants for midface, which I've been seeking out for a quick fix while I await jaw surgery. But I am realizing why it won't help no matter what, my nasal bridge. The recession I am dealing with is in the dead...
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    [Lifefuel] Worst Chin/Jaw I Have Ever Seen (Lip-chin) Gains 3-4 PSL Points

    BiMax, mentoplasty + septoplasty Sure, you could argue he's still an incel after the surgery, but I would say this is lifeful for a lot of people considering the vast majority don't start with a jaw this severely recessed to the point where your fucking LIP is your chin (and he still got a...
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    Am I tripping or do I look different in motion?

    I still need bimax but my maxilla seems less horrid in motion than on the pics. I also lost like 10 lbs or so in the last month but both pics and vid are from the last week or so
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    Would I be good looking if my maxilla wasn't recessed?

    I'm getting closer to the date for my consultation with Arnette and Gunson and I wanted some thoughts again as to how much my recessed maxilla is impacting me? I've never been treated as if I'm ugly and even been told I'm attractive before and been treated as such, but I still feel like my mid...
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    Can anyone morph me with fillers?

    I've been given morphs from here before for a bimax but I want to know if anyone can morph me with fillers, bascially they would be fat grafts to my mid face and upper maxilla and zygote area but my lower third and jaw would stay the same. I'm looking into this because I've been getting...
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    Arnette Gunson results

    I'm getting a consult with arnette gunson in July and I've been looking at some of their work. My concern is that some of the results while good on the jaw seem underwhelming, or rather the subject still looks ugly in the after even though they are improved. Could anyone give me my odds of...
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    Will Chin Wing surgery do the job for me? (Fotos)

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I have a consultation planned with Dr. Zarrinball next week. I've heard a lot about the chin wing surgery and wanted to confirm with you guys if i am a suitable candidate for this specific procedure. I am not interested in bimax, lefort or bsso atm, since I...
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    Rate my jaw side view

    I’ve already been told about my maxilla but I genuinely believe my jaw is actually sub tier as well. I’ve had users say my jaw was decent or good. It when doing chin tuck it looks cuck like and horrid. Am I coping to think I’ve got an even decent jaw or is chin tuck showing me a truth I’m in...
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    Rate my cephalometric imaging

    I recently had a consultation with a maxfac at Walter Reed regarding bimax surgery. I have been consulting with overseas surgeons but I decided to at least attempt to get the military to do the surgery instead of paying out of pocket. The staff at Walter Reed were outstanding and after taking...
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    Months gone no progress. Don’t know what else I can be doing

    So I’ve been trying to get bimax according to advice I’ve gotten here and other place. So far I’m still no closer and my plan is to start a high priced insurance program next month to cover it. Meanwhile someone was telling me that a bimax would ‘look autistic on you. You’ll look like a chimp...
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    End of my rope here

    I’ve posted here before I took some advice to start loosing weight and lost about 15 lbs since November. I wanna know what I should or could improve. I’ve been told bimax is the best option but insurance isn’t going to cover it. I’ve been thinking about cheek implants or fat grays to give...
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    Looks update

    I’ve been on a diet of 1300 calories a day for about a month now. I went from 182 to 171 lbs probably a lot of water weight but I’ve seen weight loss from my stomach etc. my face still in my opinion looks like shit. My iMac isn’t happening till I get insurance and on top of it I messed up a...
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    28 male jaw surgery not happening

    Gonna just get to the point. My insurance got cut. Can’t get the jaw surgery without it. Recessed maxilla fucking up my whole face and I don’t know what my other options are. Pics below tell me if there’s anything else I can do. Also in b4 lose weight cuz I’m on a caloric deficit and am going...
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    I usually post about nomad advice and stuff but today i wanna know your thoughts on a confusing situation. I by all means am average or below looking and yet I’ve been treated like at least a basically good looking guy. So I wanted some thoughts on how this is possible not bragging just...
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    Weight loss possibilities and convo with PS

    So I went to a plastic surgeon Over the weekend. She recommended fillers in the zygomatic areas and or a chin and jaw aimed plan. I’m still in the process of setting up a MMA maxillary Mandi ulnar advancement procedure but I was wondering if this is a decent alternative. Also I was wondering...