1. dasani

    a message to all brazillian users

    Goobra gao. Supra saoa joah bao. Babo da mumu gainho gubao badao... Jede sopre cero sao voce selo vao escola ta pao. Pa-taw! @Strapped @Romanus @lovelypeaches523 @CantWin
  2. IWalkAmongYou

    BBC Rate jb foid that fucks dog

    I destroyed her with my BBC
  3. dasani

    Aspie interesting phenomenon on psl - feigning narcissism

    it's highly unlikel many users meet the criteria for being narcissistic. if you are good looking and know it, you simply have a high self esteem. on an unrelated note, type "BBC" in the tags and see what the drop down box suggests for you JFL
  4. A

    News JEWISH community stands in solidarity with BIG BLACK COCK Lives Matter in London

    More than 150 British Jews protested in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement on Sunday in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Demonstrators’ placards referenced Jewish texts, ranging from Torah to Pirkei Avot and the Talmud. Cllr Sara Conway (Lab, Burnt Oak) said: “Thanks to all the young...
  5. A

    Black Pill JEWISH Newspaper: "Ice Cube refused to apologize for showing us his BBC without fuck"

    Ice Cube fuels antisemitism storm with satanic Star of David post Ice Cube, who has 5.3 million Twitter followers, tweeted a black “satanic Star of David” and part of a mural depicting human figures being used as a table for a game of monopoly. The original 2012 mural titled Freedom for...
  6. A

    Black Pill it's BLACK and comes from AFRICA and JEWS love it.

    Why JEWS give LITERALLY their lives for it? (5 pts) a) JEWS have anatomically suitable anus for BBCs b) JEWS maximum source of dopamine is having contact with NEGROS c) All JEWISH men are gays from birth d) All JEWISH men secretly want to get Nobel Prize with an amazing BBC breakthrough e)...
  7. rupert

    If you don’t have a BBC matters Instagram story rn

    You’re not NT and jfl at all the virtue signaling imaging if a curry shitskin was slaughtered instead, no one would care
  8. pretty_boy

    LOL why is @elmoggerino so obssesed with black cock?

    though he was a coping blackcel but he's slavic
  9. lms_rotten_zombie

    Red Pill Fasting is severely underrated on this cesspit

    i am fasting hardcore (very low to zero sugars/sweets/deserts/etc, very low fats, basically eating protein and carbs) ~1750 calories per day + a multi vitamin and i wake up with the strongest hard-ons in the world. meanwhile if i go to sleep after eating a B&J pint or some other shit the...
  10. pretty_boy

    Red Pill Ranked list of lookism mods in terms of post-quality [2020 edition]

    Bear in mind all mods are decent posters and good at moderating, but on LOOKISM.NET After Hours we like to have fun. Starting from the bottom (lowest post quality), we have: TheLiechtensteiner: doesn't post much, just gives blue pilled advice. probably the one who pins all the bad threads...
  11. pretty_boy

    a tip one of the best lawyers in my city gave me

    when in doubt whip it out
  12. straightcel_l

    you will never be a stacey legit female

    LOL at your life