1. Shitpoaster


    Because of baldies fearmongering online and claiming they became impotent & depressed from taking fin. I didn't even consider it as a viable solution to stop my hair loss. Now I am 24 and started taking fin + Minox 3 months ago, and I got no side effects whatsoever. All I got was thicker hair...
  2. 2psl Bald Subhuman

    Rate Rate me

    22 yo norwood 6 I would assume 3-4/10 or 2-3psl is that accurate? Also what are my falios facially other than obvious Balding and bloat? One last thing I hear this forum has women tag them please for a rating
  3. S

    i should've done something about my balding sooner

    I remember in like rly early 2019 reading something here about this guy who makes his own RU-58841. i was either 16 or 17 and JUST noticed going from a NW0 to NW1. now im nw2 and going to me 19 soon its rly over for me im probably the most truecel here. No joke this is what I look like every...
  4. M

    this DUDE is 18 - WHY YOUR LIFE COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE ( balding )

    o sweet heaven, oh god
  5. NuclearBrain

    Story My experiences taking finasteride for 4 months (might be helpful to view this thread if you are thinking of taking it)

    First off, if you are in the UK and want to try it out you can get it on a website called "Dr Fox", its much cheaper than buying it on superdrug so i would highly recommend going there. It gets delivered to your door so you dont need to go up to any shops and shit. I bought 6 months worth...