1. auxlea

    Thoughts on JBC(Just Be Curry)Theory?

    A lot of these Deathnik men have peanut skill and Giga-recessed jaw, shitskin, shit eyearea. Most of you will tell all these sub3s to rope if they posted here, yet countless images of curries with 4-6s on the video. They're not even gym-maxxed IRL check?
  2. auxlea

    Black Pill Reminder: If you're asian it's over

  3. thecel

    Rate Is it over for me? My side profile

    This is VERY APPROXIMATE. Not accurately measured at all. Literally guessed the sizes. Some observations: My face is the longest out of the bunch, and Jordan Barrett's is the shortest. As expected. The parts of my face that're the most recessed with respect to other people's profiles are the...
  4. OverAndOut

    Ethnic Like half of the forum activity is just Asian guys lusting for white women

    Istg if you are all separate users you need to try and be a bit more original. @balut eater @Drifter @Stereo @Romantic Asian Bad Boy @b4le4t
  5. I

    Ethnic when blonde girl meets asian twins

  6. ullzzangincel

    Rate this is the ideal woman in my opinion (jb lovers STAY OUT)

    @Anstrum @soul of my soul @Hanaa
  7. ullzzangincel

    R18+ INSANE machete wielding ASIAN berserker charges police, gets shot and KEEPS ATTACKING

    :glasses: @AsianAlphaBro @PunchFace @Britcel Why are Asians such dark triad hardkore, violent, moggers? Absolutely terrifying. I am utterly shaking in fear just watching this video. meanwhile average Americans...
  8. AsianAlphaBro

    Slayer Inferior Subhuman Manlet Gook ascends to have 100k+ IG followers thirsting over him. You have no excuse
  9. AsianAlphaBro

    LOL Inferior subhuman gook manlet gets easily destroyed by Chad

  10. colto3546

    Black Pill A Gymcells Final Cope

    After a Frail Asian man Realized his true genetic potential as a lifter, he decides to commit one final cope. They call him "COMMANDER SOY BOY, and this is his story: Videos autistic ngl, but a documentary's a documentary.
  11. AsianAlphaBro

    BBC K-Pop dominating the mainstream now. It's over for toxic misogynist fraud "alpha" "Chad" faggot bros.

    Asian men are wrecking the West with some devastating "Dynamite" already LMFAO
  12. AsianAlphaBro

    35/M/Asian/true alpha Chad. The unstoppable dragon from the East is here.

    Will cuck all the toxic miscreant loser Western males (especially the Incel basement losers) on the downward path in a ton of areas including: -P4P strength and athleticism -beautiful physical aesthetics -wealth and income -IQ -real estate -education -superior, sound moral family and...
  13. AsianAlphaBro

    35/M/Asian stylish CHAD slayer. 30+ lay counts

  14. AsianAlphaBro

    Asian CHAD debunks misogynist lookism theories. LMAO at incels who'll never touch this

    It's officially over for the white Incel. Not even Trump can save you. Good luck with your roid cycle in your moms' basements LMAO. The century of the Asian Alpha Male is officially here. You can only dream of touching this.
  15. A

    Rate RATE this Vietnamese man in the front.

    What is his PSL rating?
  16. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me Plz

  17. A

    Asian 19 yr old Rate me plz

    Curious to know what u experts gotta say.
  18. ullzzangincel

    Rate MILF dancing

  19. ullzzangincel

    Rate Does this woman looksmatch me?

    @Mr Game and Watch
  20. ullzzangincel

    Theory Would you be happy with this woman?

    @DanandTenda @Comrade Dang @DarkTriadSlayer @Siberian Tiger This is how most older women that like me typically look and act. It's usually average looking country girls.
  21. ullzzangincel

    Ethnic Im talking to a really attractive woman

    Too bad she lives in turkemenistan lmfao. She is extremely good looking and looks exactly like a famous chinese idol. We are going to meet in istanbul when the virus lets up possibly. There is one slight problem. Her home city is literally fake, almost no one lives there and the whole place is...
  22. ullzzangincel

    Rate weiwuer "beauty"

    LMFAO @Haakon Here are your uyghur "beauties". Literally just a bunch of average asian and slightly hapa girls. No better or worse than the pure chinese. Average hanzu girl from chengdu. I am not even cherry picking.
  23. H

    Asian women eg Chinese women are ugly, disgusting, overrated creatures

    Everytime I go somewhere (in Europe) for travel, I always see some ugly Asian/ Chinese women in pairs or in swarms, and I am talking about EVERYWHERE, including most cities in Italy, Spain, UK, France etc. Their faces are flat and look like an ugly shapeless blob, their eyes are slitty, swollen...
  24. ullzzangincel

    Ethnic I am going to get kazakhstan food today

    @PunchFace thoughts bro? You think if I adhere to the diet of the mongol warriors I will transform into a slayer?
  25. ullzzangincel

    Rate The fragrant concubine

    "Even more remarkable than her beauty was the scent her body naturally produced; captivated, the emperor sought her as an Imperial Consort for his harem. She was given as a gift to the emperor and carefully escorted all the way to the imperial palace in Beijing, washing every day along the road...