1. OverAndOut

    Ethnic Rate my squinting ability

    "bullying victim" "inject T smh" "you're excommunicated from brahmin gang, shudra clown" :norwoodrage: "terrifying rapist eyes" "mirin your dimorphism" "pissed myself in fear of this magnifique tier fraud" :situation: :nod2: TIL If I squint so hard I shit myself and shine a light...
  2. DHT made me Muslim

    Just fucking ascended 0.1 points in one minute (not a one time only type of thing)

    So here I am you know in my head back to playing a white person and i got thinking back to the vitamin c (l-ascorbic acid you know the shit thst bsically fucks yojr skin but in some way that not only increases collagen and cellular overturn but actually makes it heakthier and younger kind kf...