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    Blue Pill me and anstrum always got each others back

    it's a brutal forum ngl and in order to survive here you need forum-friends you can trust tbh
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    LOL @Anstrum if he ever becomes a father

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    Blue Pill Anstrum nudes

    @slop slinger
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    Blue Pill can someone do anstrum grindr experiment?

    want to see how he compares to me in terms of matches/likes but don't select the estonia or he might get recognized outside @brocode @foreheadman @SilverKl
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    Blue Pill i feel so bad about blocking girls that message me from dating app

    i did an anstrumfish today if someone missed that and anstrum got a lot of matches there, and some girls even message me and i have to block them :ugh: feel so bad for them idk how some of you guys use these apps
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    Blue Pill @anstrum have you ever thought about starting streaming?

    ngl i would love to watch you browsing the forum, coming up with the font 7 tom & jerry all caps spam, recording your homoerotic videos for the forum etc live @Anstrum
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    Slayer @Anstrum when he realized that enough is enough

    @Anstrum it's you when you finally realize that enough is enough and it's time to get girls
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    Blue Pill If Anstrum and Afghan girl had kids 😱😱😱

    + =
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    Blue Pill Smile = everything :-)

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    Looksmax How come no-one have suggested @Anstrum this

    @Anstrum if you don’t like your coloring that much, then you should look into Melanotan II
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    Thread only for @Anstrum (don't enter if you're not Anstrum)