alpha asian

  1. OverAndOut

    Ethnic Like half of the forum activity is just Asian guys lusting for white women

    Istg if you are all separate users you need to try and be a bit more original. @balut eater @Drifter @Stereo @Romantic Asian Bad Boy @b4le4t
  2. AsianAlphaBro

    Slayer Inferior Subhuman Manlet Gook ascends to have 100k+ IG followers thirsting over him. You have no excuse
  3. AsianAlphaBro

    LOL Inferior subhuman gook manlet gets easily destroyed by Chad

  4. AsianAlphaBro

    BBC K-Pop dominating the mainstream now. It's over for toxic misogynist fraud "alpha" "Chad" faggot bros.

    Asian men are wrecking the West with some devastating "Dynamite" already LMFAO
  5. AsianAlphaBro

    35/M/Asian/true alpha Chad. The unstoppable dragon from the East is here.

    Will cuck all the toxic miscreant loser Western males (especially the Incel basement losers) on the downward path in a ton of areas including: -P4P strength and athleticism -beautiful physical aesthetics -wealth and income -IQ -real estate -education -superior, sound moral family and...