alpha asian

  1. AsianAlphaBro

    Slayer Inferior Subhuman Manlet Gook ascends to have 100k+ IG followers thirsting over him. You have no excuse
  2. AsianAlphaBro

    LOL Inferior subhuman gook manlet gets easily destroyed by Chad

  3. AsianAlphaBro

    BBC K-Pop dominating the mainstream now. It's over for toxic misogynist fraud "alpha" "Chad" faggot bros.

    Asian men are wrecking the West with some devastating "Dynamite" already LMFAO
  4. AsianAlphaBro

    35/M/Asian/true alpha Chad. The unstoppable dragon from the East is here.

    Will cuck all the toxic miscreant loser Western males (especially the Incel basement losers) on the downward path in a ton of areas including: -P4P strength and athleticism -beautiful physical aesthetics -wealth and income -IQ -real estate -education -superior, sound moral family and...