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  1. looksnmax

    Surgerymaxxing-Going to extremes!

    G'day my name is Nikolous Franz, I'm a big fan of looksmaxxing and I'm looking to identify the features I need to address surgically. I'm determined and extremely willing to accomplish my goals irrespective of surgical complexity. Are there any particular features that I should focus on...
  2. S

    Black Pill heightmaxxing

    im 16 and only 5'6, how do i increase my height over the next few years ?
  3. Stoicismpill

    23 y/o male. Am I above average? If so, how much?

    Height 6'2" / 187 cm Weight 181 lbs / 82 kg How bad is my crooked nose? I think I should undergo rhinoseptoplasty (not just for looks, my septum is deviated, so for sinus health too). How strongly it will improve my appearance? What are my main disadvantages?
  4. K

    Rate me in my blurry low effort selfies (honesty and advice)

    Thank you for your time.
  5. brocode

    Black Pill If you're in a Long Distance Relationship, she'll do anything to be with you.

    If you're in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) - She'll book flights every weekend to meet you or she'll at least try to make plans to meet up with you (Can Confirm, E-girls on Discord meet up with guys across the globe) - She'll be FaceTiming you/video calling you everyday HERSELF. (Hell, High...