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Full Version: Forum Rules
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Forum rules:

1. No serious discussion of breaking the law, illegal activities or murder is allowed.
2. No overly large or long signatures, to be determined by the forum team.
3. No embedding of gay porn is allowed. 
4. Doxxing and/or revealing members' personal information is not allowed, you will be permanently banned and the posts will be deleted.
5. No spamming.
6. No advertising unless agreed upon.
7. Child pornography, zoophilia, necrophilia, nazi discussion is not allowed.
8. Porn can only be posted in spoiler tags in regular forums.
9. If a forum member asks you to leave them alone you should comply otherwise it will be classified as harassment.

We will cooperate with legal authorities in case of investigations within the requirements of the law. 

Know that it is possible you will face serious consequences for accounts of harassment, doxxing and threatening other members and we will not hesitate to give out your information to the legal authorities if we are inquired upon.